Thursday, February 25, 2010

Andrew W.K. - 55 Cadillac

This album is pretty entertaining.  As an upfront, I am a HUGE fan of the album I Get Wet, I tried a few times to listen to The Wolf, and never got through it, and I haven't listened to anything else Andrew WK did since.  I recently found out he is a classically trained pianist, which makes this album make a little bit more sense.  He described 55 Cadillac as a collection of "spontaneous solo piano improvisations" inspired by his car.  It is somehow, despite being almost exclusively piano, pretty true to Andrew WK.  Fairly repetitious.  Most of it is really nice though.  The track "Night Driving" is the biggest exception for me.  It really dares you not to skip it.  SUPER ANNOYING for about 2 minutes in the middle.  Definitely worth a listen.  I rate this album a 7: good solid set, but too short (8 tracks), and I had to struggle to get through one track. 


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