Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I can't find any news on the story as to how Joe Lieberman's team of expert hackers brought down TPM Muckraker yesterday, but I feel quite certain it is the ONLY explanation for the outage I experienced trying to read the site last night. Clearly. I am forced to have my own blog due to the developing issue that there are some news articles on the web that do not have a comment section on them. gah. I first really suffered from this problem on Labor Day while I was sitting at work reading an Editorial in the New York Times about how we shuold really have a Labor Week, where noone worked all week. I thought to myself as I sat at work reading this article that really I'd be happy if they just converted Labor Day from "management and highly paid people only get today off day" to, ya know, a day when regular laborers and job holders got the day off. I scrolled to the bottom of the article to look for the link where I could automatically comment on this problem, and there was no such link! OMG! WTF?! GAH! So anyway, yeah. Now I must blog. Jeez.


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