Sunday, September 17, 2006

Current Events(since friday morning):
Friday night poker was fairly well attended despite ACL festivities. I finally got my cable and internet service back on, w00w000. The guy who came out and cabled up my house was fantastic, ran cables up the wall and into upstairs bedrooms and put several jacks in the livingroom as well all by himself, quick as can be. EXCELLENT SERVICE! In dorkier news, Saturday morning saw my return to the World of Warcraft. I'm playing on a pansy server(Garona) as an elf no less. Arborius rides again! In even DORKIER news, I started playing a new pen and paper role playing game on Saturday based on the D20 modern system, set in the story background of the Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars game. Pretty fun, I'm playing a huge blue guy who carries a sword. Go me! Brian is a Jedi again, but his character is going to take a while to get going I think. Orman(which I'm probably misspelling) is playing a RIDICULOUS rabbit person who rides inside a giant robot. Absurdity abounds! Anyway, yeah. That's the weekend update.


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