Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ugh. This post is not helpful dialogue. I have been largely staying off the Mark Foley mess because it's a mess. I feel kinda bad for the guy, which it seems per everywebsiteontheinternet means that I'm a terrible person. Either way, the "WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!" shout is just as ridiculous when democrats say it as when Reverend Lovejoy's wife says it on the Simpsons. Anyway, back to the original point of this post. I was really irritated when I read this on Daily Kos:


Wow. He doesn't regret that the teens entrusted to his care were being preyed on by a predatory colleague. And damn those wily Democrats -- they forced Foley to prey on those pages for all these years, all in a dastardly plot to position themselves for victory in 2006.

So in short, screw the kids, and it's the Democrats' fault.

You've got to love Republicans.


Ok, for starters, I don't really see how Kos tranlated Shimkus statements into that the Dems forced Foley into preying on pages. Pretty much of qa stretch to get from one place to the other. Screw the kids and it's the Democrats fault? The only member of congress I've heard even remotely accuse Democrats of being responsible was Harris, and she is a total joke anyway. What Shimkus said was:

"I put more time in to protect these kids than anyone. For these people to try to take me down because of this is unconscionable. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. For my former friends who are Democrats and who are leading this charge, I know what their true values are."

Now, despicable, sure. He's mad at his friends who are Democrats because they don't think he should be let off the hook for what may or may not be a huge shirking of duties. Kind of dumb, definitely not an admirable emotion. Blaming them for the problem? not really. The end of the quote from Kos is what really pissed me off though, again, we always have to group all Rebuplicans in together, make sure everything is simplified to the lowest common denominator, with the Republicans or against them. The "You've gotta love republicans" crap really pisses me off. Republicans are bad for many reasons, almost across the board, but you can't just attribute any bad trait to them. It's bad for the dialogue. It's Rush Limbaughism. I don't need a Rush Limbaugh for the left, he can stay on the right, I want my team to speak truths.

on the other hand, if you wanted to yell at people an APPROPRIATE random shouting was posted on the bottom of the post above that I was complaining about:


October Surprise?

Shimkus, this "surprise" could've been sprung in any month you preferred, asshat!


Exactly! This is a relevant comment about Shimkus' idiotic ranting.


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