Monday, September 18, 2006

CRAZYNESS! I just read this page written by a guy who yanked 20,000 passwords from some myspace password phishing site. It's a pretty interesting article all in all about the kinds of passwords used, the craziest thing about it I saw was the number one password. Of 20,000 passwords, the most used was only used 13 times, which I also thought was crazy, and it was cookie123. What an odd password! When I was working for TNI and I saw jillions of customers email passwords all the time I think the most common passwords were jesus, christ, hisname, stuff like that. The most common non-religious password from when I was at TNI? tigger. Odd eh? I used to see it all the time though. That was mostly older people in East Texas. I think that increased the number of Jesuses. Anyway, interesting.


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