Thursday, October 02, 2008

This morning was very similar to yesterday morning. I had some cereal, watched the big Lebowski, and applied to some jobs. I've spent most of the afternoon reading through UT positions but I also had an email from Dustin to apply for an entry level marketing position that sounds really interesting. Hopefully that will pan out, I need to write a new cover letter for that, I probably won't send that until tomorrow though. I watched Gross Pointe Blank this afternoon while I read through a bunch more UT jobs. I love John Cusack. I still have about 20 of those to look through. Tomorrow I think I'll have to move on to Craig's List job searching as well as UT, which I kind of fear, I remember last time I was unemployed looking through the jillions of terrible craig's list pyramid scams to find real jobs.

Tonight I'm going to watch the vice presidential debate at the TDP with abbie and paul and maybe brian and presumably some TDP people while we also sort signs.



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