Thursday, October 02, 2008

This morning was very similar to yesterday morning. I had some cereal, watched the big Lebowski, and applied to some jobs. I've spent most of the afternoon reading through UT positions but I also had an email from Dustin to apply for an entry level marketing position that sounds really interesting. Hopefully that will pan out, I need to write a new cover letter for that, I probably won't send that until tomorrow though. I watched Gross Pointe Blank this afternoon while I read through a bunch more UT jobs. I love John Cusack. I still have about 20 of those to look through. Tomorrow I think I'll have to move on to Craig's List job searching as well as UT, which I kind of fear, I remember last time I was unemployed looking through the jillions of terrible craig's list pyramid scams to find real jobs.

Tonight I'm going to watch the vice presidential debate at the TDP with abbie and paul and maybe brian and presumably some TDP people while we also sort signs.


Last night Christina and I watched some Buffys and I got to see the episode "Conversations With Dead People" which I'd heard some of my friends talk about and never actually saw before. It features Jonathan M. Woodward, who is in one of my favorite episodes of firefly as well. In "Conversations With Dead People" he is a recently sired vampire who almost kills Buffy at the very beginning of the episode. When he recognizes it is her though, he stops himself from eating her and starts chatting her up. Buffy's a little disturbed by someone she knew being a vampire and ends up talking to him through the whole episode about how she feels and what's been wrong with her and lots of things she really won't ever talk to anyone about. It's kind of extra heartbreaking for her though that when she's done finally finding someone she can talk to(does Buffy ever open up to ANYONE else?) she then proceeds to kill him. He kind of has the same effect on Buffy that he has on "The Message," which is the episode of Firefly he's in. Kind of makes everyone think about how they were and how they are, why they act the way they do. Also, just like on the episode of Buffy, at the end, Mal has to kill him. Interesting episodes. It also made me go back and watch "The Message" again and it's still just as good as it ever was. I think I've probably seen that episode at least 10 times. I've seen every episode of firefly at least 5 times, but there are some that are just fantastic, and that one is among them.

Anyway, Christina went to bed after we watched Buffys and I stayed up and watched some M*A*S*H episodes(season 4 half of disk 2!) and WoW'd and internetted for a while, then went to bed.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

In the afternoon I mostly alternated reading news and looking for/applying for jobs. At 4:45 Christina and I went to our appointment, which ran long until about 7:15. Now I'm home again making some delicious vegetarian pot pie and back to reading/applying for jobs. I need to finish my cover letter for the application for Jacob's world job. I hateses writing cover letters.

And now for something.... completely different.


I didn't get up until 11ish today. When I got up I did the dishes and made some breakfast, 2 eggs over medium and a bowl of oatmeal. When I finished the dishes I put my afghan my grandmother made me in the tub, covered it with dish soap(Christina, who was home sick from school with a 101 degree fever(I wonder what that is in Celsius, maybe high 30s) insisted this was the correct soap for this procedure, and turned on the shower to spray it down and fill up the tub. Meanwhile I had also turned on the Big Lebowski, the official movie of being unemployed. I read a little news and talked to my friend Michael Phillips about WoW and unemployment and the possible opportunities of it while I watched the movie.


Unemployment Blogging....


at 1:25 PM I officially “resigned” from Wayport Inc. I went from Wayport to Castle Greybeard and talked on the phone for an hour or so to Christina and then Jacob and then my Mom. Christina asked if they cited a specific call as to why I was being “offered the chance to resign,” but I didn't even ask. It could have been any of a dozen calls in the last month. I turned off my WoW account for the time being. I watched some Heroes with Eric, then some King of the hill with Brian and Eric, then we all went to drinking liberally at about 6:45p

At drinking liberally I bought a salad and a beer and had two beers bought for me with the offer of 2 more. When I got home Christina was really sick. She went to sleep at about 10:30 and I stayed up playing WoW and watching Office Space until about 3.