Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm reading the book Snowcrash, after being told to do so approximately 4985749857490578 times, and it is already too funny for me to handle. I had to share this quote which will probably be, too bad for you truebelievers, the first of many:


It does not look like a serious fire. The Deliverator saw a real fire once, at the Farms of Merryvale, and you couldn't see anything for the smoke. That's all it was: smoke, burbling out of nowhere, occasional flashes of orange light down at the bottom, like heat lightning in tall clouds. This is not that kind of fire. It is the kind of fire that just barely puts out enough smoke to detonate the smoke alarms. And he is losing time for this shit.

The Deliverator holds the horn button down.


This book is going to be awesome.


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